School Nurse’s Office

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Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:50 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.
Phone: 720-424-8910
Fax: 720-424-8925

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The mission of Nursing Services in the Denver Public Schools is to promote optimal physical, social, and emotional wellness of our school community. Our focus is to enhance the educational process by maximizing and protecting the overall health status of school age youth.


Good health enables all students to benefit from the education experience leading to productive living and a successful future. School nurses actively promote healthy life style choices, strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting children’s health status, and are advocates for school age children. Unique stressors present in an urban society, i.e., poverty, unemployment, homelessness, teen-age pregnancy, high drop-out rates, lack of health insurance, complicate the attainment of an optimal level of wellness. Illness and disability are prevented by the early detection and correction of health problems. Prevention and intervention activities can reduce high risk behaviors. The quality and quantity of education of each student is directly proportionate to the physical, social, and emotional level of health.


If possible, all medication should be given at home. If a child must be given medication during school hours, the Student Medication Request Release Agreement must be filled out by your child’s doctor (for prescription and non-prescription medicine) and returned to the office. All medication must be labeled by the pharmacy. Keep medications in the original container. Medication may only be administered by the nurse or the office staff unless a self-carry contract is completed.


Colorado state law requires all students to be fully immunized when entering school. Learn more about required immunizations for ECE and the required immunizations for students attending Kindergarten-5th grade.

You must provide one of the following in order to comply with the law:

  1. A completed Certificate of Immunization certifying that the student has received minimum immunizations.
  2. If a student’s Certificate of Immunization is not up to date, the parent/guardian has 14 days after direct notification to provide documentation that the next required immunization was administered and submit a written plan for completion of any additional required immunizations. If the plan is not completed, the student shall be expelled or suspended from school for non-compliance. Exception to this rule is shortage of vaccine.
  3. Statement of Exemption to Immunization-Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmental Certificate of Immunization:
    1. A medical exemption signed by a licensed physician stating that the student’s physical condition is such that immunizations would endanger life or health or is otherwise medically contraindicated; or
    2. A non-medical exemption signed by the parent or guardian that the student adheres to a personal belief opposed to immunizations.

Learn more information on obtaining your immunization records or obtaining an exemption for school.

DPS Medicaid Office

The Denver Public Schools can help you get free or low cost health insurance for your child. One-on-one appointments are available, and they can provide support with additional resources. For more information, contact their office at 720-423-8929 or

Denver Health’s School-based Health Centers (SBHC) 

Denver Health’s School-based Health Centers form a large network of health centers located inside Denver Public School (DPS) campuses that serve any DPS student as well as children enrolled in DPS-affiliated Early Childhood Education programs at no charge to families. They offer medical, mental health, dental, health education and family planning, as well as insurance enrollment and advising services. If you know the location where you want to make an appointment, please call the center directly using the phone number available on the locations page or call the Appointment Center at 303-602-8958.