Expeditionary Learning


Examples of Centennial’s high quality student work

The Expeditionary Learning (EL) model challenges students to think critically and take active roles in their classrooms and communities, resulting in higher achievement and greater engagement in school. Expeditionary Learning schools inspire the motivation to learn. EL engages teachers and students in new levels of focus and effort, and transforms schools into places where students and adults become leaders of their own learning.

Expeditionary Learning is…

  • A rigorous and engaging curriculum based on state and national standards
  • Active, inquiry based strategies
  • A school culture that demands and teaches compassion and good citizenship
  • Engaging topics and rich learning experiences that result in high quality products and presentations of learning.

The Design Principles of Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning officially approved Centennial for its program in March 2013. Centennial is the first district-run DPS neighborhood school (not charter) to implement Expeditionary Learning for its students.

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