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A Message from the Assistant Principal

Dear Centennial Crew,

Having your children at Centennial everyday is such a pleasure in every way. Not only is it exciting for us to have your children here, it is very exciting for each teacher’s Crew as well. All of your children like to be in school with their friends to learn and play. In thinking about that, it is also very important to us in ways more than camaraderie and relationships.

Students here at Centennial are engaged daily in a rigorous curriculum that challenges them and promotes deep thinking, problem solving, building relationships and valuing perspectives among many other attributes that contribute to a well-rounded community member. Because of the depth and focus of our curriculum and culture, it is very important that students are attending at least 95% of the time for the full day. Having lower attendance rates means that their Crew will move forward in the curriculum and during Crew to deeper and more profound learning experiences. Should students miss school too frequently, they will miss these wonderful and engaging opportunities to learn along side their Crew.

Since Centennial is a neighborhood school we are held accountable to the goals in the DPS School Performance Framework (SPF).The goal for attendance in the SPF is 95%. If our attendance rates fall below the 95% threshold, our school rating also begins to slip in terms of overall performance. For students that are tardy on a regular basis, three tardies is counted as an absence. A trend of this nature could also lead to a more challenging and problematic step such as attendance court. It is our goal to have students in school and continually improve our ratings and attendance rates.

We are 100% in service to our students; we hope to improve our attendance rates this year to improve our students’ desire to learn by deepening their knowledge, character and ability to create high quality products that are related to their expeditions. To do this, we need your support and assurance that our students are able to attend Centennial every day.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Jayson Thomas

Assistant Principal

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