Indoor Recess Task Force

Indoor Recess Volunteer Opportunity


Who: Parents and Community Members

When: 11:15-12:45 (inclement weather days)

Volunteers Needed: At least 2, each day

On days that it is less than 29 degrees or the weather is really inclement (heavy snow/rain), students will be inside during their recess time. Centennial staff and community are working together to ensure our kids will still get exercise on these days. They will be in the gym or in the auditorium for their 20 minutes recess.

We need volunteers to assist staff with leading games, and activities. Staff will have the activity determined but will need help with providing directions, assisting students, etc. Because the weather is unpredictable, some days we will know the day before that it will be an indoor recess day, and some days we will not know until that morning. This means that we will need volunteers who have flexibility. We will call/email as soon as we know we will need assistance (the day or night before). We will need at least 2 volunteers on these days (one for the gym and one for the auditorium). More would be great!

Please email if you have questions and/or if you are willing to have your name on the list to be contacted. Even if you may be available just some days, or just part of the 1.5 hours we would love your help!