Student-Led Conferences

In place of the traditional parent-teacher conference, your child will lead his or her conferences. During this conference your child will show you their work, reflect on his or her progress, and receive feedback. You, your child, the classroom teacher, and perhaps a specialist, will all participate in the conference.

Student-Led Conferences are a very important way to engage children in understanding and taking ownership of their learning. We believe this conference structure will support us building better communication and stronger relationships with all families. As parents and family members, you are critical partners in helping support your child’s learning and growth.

In Expeditionary Learning schools, Student-Led Conferences are a critical part of the yearly routines and rituals that all families participate in. Holding Student Led Conferences ECE-5 is an extremely important step for our school on our journey to full EL implementation. Furthermore, Student Led Conferences support the growth and development of your children.