School/Parent/Student Compact

Staff at Centennial agree to:

  • Hold Back-to-School nights for parents to meet with teachers and staff.
  • Help to determine the instructional needs of your child.
  • Try to adjust the instructional program to meet the academic needs of your child.
  • Seek your cooperation as parents to work as partners in the school.
  • Provide a safe and orderly school environment.
  • Schedule Parent/Teacher conferences.
  • Provide weekly information in your child’s Thursday folder or Day Planner.
  • Be respectful of students, parents, and colleagues.

Parents/Guardians of children at Centennial agree to:

  • Make sure my child arrives at school at the appropriate time and is prepared for school everyday.
  • Know how my child is doing in school by communicating with teachers.
  • Schedule a conference with the teacher about concerns with school work and behavior.
  • Monitor my child’s homework and make sure to allow for study time each night.
  • Celebrate my child’s accomplishments.
  • Help my child accept consequences for negative behavior.
  • Limit TV viewing and read daily with my child.
  • Check with my child daily for information sent home.
  • Be respectful of school staff, students, and other parents.

Students at Centennial agree to:

  • Come to school ready to learn with the necessary supplies every day.
  • Complete class work and homework neatly and return it to the teacher on time.
  • Share papers, progress reports and report cards with my parents/guardian and return signed papers to the teacher.
  • Allow the teachers/staff to help me work through my problems.
  • Ask for help when I don’t understand.
  • Be respectful of myself, classmates and all members of the Centennial community.
  • Be respectful of other people’s property as well as school property.