School Service (Volunteer) Program

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Centennial Garden

What is the Centennial Volunteer Program?

Working with Metro Volunteers, Denver Public Schools, and Invest Together, Centennial Elementary School is a participant in the School Service Program (SSP),which is a program designed to facilitate the creation of a vibrant volunteer culture in the school. This program focuses on engaging parents and community members in supporting student achievement and growth. The timing for introduction of this program at Centennial is excellent, because it will dovetail with the introduction of Expeditionary Learning (EL) into the school.

Expeditionary Learning and Volunteers go hand in hand.

Expeditionary Learning asks students to take an active role in their learning by taking on in depth projects that involve expeditions into the community and beyond. Volunteers have many diverse and varied talents and areas of expertise that can add so much to this type of learning environment.

Why should I Volunteer at Centennial? Why now?

Teachers, administrators and parents are working hard to create a school where all children achieve at the very highest level. Be a part of what that means to our students and our community. Volunteer now and watch these changes take shape and our students succeed.

But what experience do I need?

None, we want you to volunteer in an area that interests you and there are many different opportunities to find a good fit. Share your talents, build community, help kids achieve!

What are some Volunteer Opportunities?

Some areas that we’ll be using volunteers are on the playground, in the lunchroom, the garden, classrooms, the library, we can even use volunteers who can work from home in the evenings – but the possibilities are endless – is there something particular that you can do – let us know!

How do I get involved?

Fill out this form, Centennial Volunteer Interest Form, turn it in to the office, or email it to, we’ll contact you soon to find a Volunteer placement that fits.

Need more information? Email us at


ALL volunteers at Centennial MUST submit a DPS Volunteer Application