EL Education Case Study: Centennial Elementary

EL Education has published a Case Study focusing on the implementation of the Expeditionary Learning curriculum at our school since 2013. This case study highlights the connect between culture and testing data, specifically how our strong classroom culture supports growth in reading and high-quality student work.

Redesign Process

The redesign process began back in November 2012 with a series of open discussions about Centennial’s future. Parent and staff input was an integral part of developing a plan to implement the school redesign approved by the Denver Board of Education in December 2012. Input taken from both CSC and community meetings focused on implementing an academic program that gave Centennial a specialized focus- an approach similar to other programs at popular high-achieving elementary schools in Northwest Denver.

Expeditionary Learning

For this reason the CSC came to consensus on a plan to form a partnership with Expeditionary Learning. Centennial became a neighborhood Expeditionary Learning school at the start of the 2013-14 school year.

Collaborative School Design Meetings

Centennial hosted a series of four meetings to ensure all stakeholders were able to contribute to the new school design.  Meeting notes below.