Playworks is a non profit that believes in the power of play to make kids, schools and communities stronger. Playworks places a full time coach at a school for the entire school year to help build a positive and inclusive atmosphere. On our playgrounds, everyone plays, everyone belongs, everyone contributes to the game. Coaches encourage kids to bring out the best in themselves and each other, and kids learn the value of fair play, compassion and respect.On our playgrounds, kids become leaders. They run their own games and settle their disputes quickly (rock-paper-scissors is our problem solver) because getting along is more fun than fighting. On our playgrounds, kids play hard, cheer loud and high five with joy. And they carry a feeling of empowerment and belonging with them into their classrooms, back to their neighborhoods and out into the world.


My name is Ashley Cunningham and I am the new Playworks coach at Centennial Elementary. This is my second year with Playworks and I am so excited to be at such a creative and great school this year. I graduated from Colorado State University and right after I graduated I moved to China for two years to serve in the United States Peace Corps as a university English teacher. While I was in China I loved my work inside the classroom but I also saw what an amazing impact you can have on students outside of the classroom. While I was there I started a yoga,running, and cooking club for the students which helped me make the decision to join Playworks. I guess you could say the rest is history from there. Feel free to reach out to me at anytime via email at