Equity Work – Staff

Equity work with Staff

We have had a dedicated monthly time for staff to come together to learn about how biases, mindsets and systemic racism can affect our communities and instruction. Here is a brief summary of what we have worked on as a school in previous years:

2018 – 2019:

  • Yearlong professional development series focused on understanding, unpacking and mitigating our biases and expectations in our instruction

2019 – 2020:

2020 – 2021:

  • Our school was chosen to pilot The Equity Experience, a DPS-created professional development series.
  • BLM@School Week of Action: Our staff learned about the history of the BLM@School Organization and implemented a two-week series of age-appropriate learning and discussion around the 13 principles.

In addition, many of our staff have participated in Creating Connections and a CRT and the Brain Study group through DPS.