6 Easy Ways to Have a Stress Free Holiday

Plan, Plan, Plan,

Use a meal plan during these busy holiday months to get you through. Prepare some meals ahead of time and already have them prepared in your freezer so you have meals to go when extra guests arrive.

Make a specific gift budget.

Set a goal of what you want to spend and then budget out how much that leaves you per person.


Instead of buying gifts for everyone, put names in a hat.

This way you can focus on finding the right gift for one person and save money in the process

Shop Online for Christmas

Don’t battle the crowds, shop in the comfort of your own home in your PJ’s

Put the Phones Away!

Start a holiday rule that when arrive everyone must put their phone in a basket by the front door. This helps everyone really focus on each other and spending good quality time together.


Most of all-Remember that no one expects perfection.

The most important part of the holiday is that everyone spends time together. Sit around the table and talk over simple meals instead of spending all day in the kitchen.