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Open Classroom Construction Update:

As part of the 2012 Bond, Centennial will have our open classroom’s renovated. However the scope/volume of the work is much greater than originally anticipated because of our outdated HVAC system.
We are currently awaiting the Design Team’s cost evaluation of the following two proposals:
Option 1:
Open Plan Remodel Summer 2016
Mechanical Upgrades Summer 2017 pending acceptance of 2016 Bond
Option 2:
Open Plan Remodel and Mechanical Upgrades Summer 2017 with early release and delayed start calendar adjustment.
Regardless of the decision of which option the Gym Floor abatement and replacement will take place Summer 2015.
Check out this video produced by DPS to better understand the Open Classroom renovation project.


DPS Redesigning ‘70s-Era 'Open Plan' Classrooms – 2012 DPS Bond Update from Denver Public Schools on Vimeo.