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Let’s Celebrate Interim Test Results

Dear Parents,

Before your student went on vacation they may have talked with you about the Interim tests they took in math, reading and writing. Interim assessments are required of all DPS students starting in kindergarten and take place three times a year. These assessments help us know how well students are learning as measured against the standards. On January 6, staff took a close look at their students’ Interim Assessment results and we are very pleased with how our students performed. In almost every single grade level there were increased in % proficient on the interim assessments. In some instances, grade levels saw a 20% increase in their proficiency rates. This is evidence of how hard our teachers are working and how well our students are learning. There is so much positive learning momentum across the building! Specific interim assessment results were shared at the Collaborative School Committee meeting on January 13th and notes with more detail are posted on the school website under the CSC tab.


Laura Munro, Principal and Sharon Jones, Principal Resident